Over 45 studies to date have shown that Flora pro-activ actively lowers cholesterol. Flora pro-activ contains plant sterols that are clinically proven to actively lower cholesterol by 7-10% in just 2-3 weeks, which can increase to 15% when moving to a healthy diet and lifestyle.

How does Flora pro-activ work?

Flora pro-activ contains plant sterols. These are naturally found in vegetable oils, fruits and vegetables and they work by partly blocking absorption of cholesterol from the gut. 

How can I include Flora pro-activ low fat spread in my diet?

Why not spread it on your morning toast, in your lunchtime sandwiches, or topped on vegetables for your evening meal? Like other reduced fat spreads, it’s not suitable for baking or frying.

How often should I eat Flora pro-activ low fat spread?

Eating 25g Flora pro-activ low fat spread everyday will provide the optimal intake of plant sterols to lower your cholesterol.

What happens if I forget to use it?

Missing out on Flora pro-activ for a day or two won’t matter too much. Flora pro-activ contains plant sterols and plant sterols help to actively filter out cholesterol from the body. If you stop eating Flora pro-activ, your cholesterol levels will increase again as there won’t be plant sterols in your gut to filter out cholesterol. So if your cholesterol is at a new lower level and you want to keep it that way, eat Flora pro-activ regularly as part of a varied, balanced diet and lifestyle.

Do I still need to eat a healthy diet?

Flora pro-activ should be used as part of a diet that’s low in saturated fat and salt, and with plenty of whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Other aspects of your lifestyle, like not smoking, keeping physically active, and managing stress are also important.

Who can use Flora pro-activ?

Flora pro-activ is suitable if you’re following a healthy diet and lifestyle to lower your cholesterol, or if you’re using cholesterol-lowering medication, like statins.You should always consult your GP about the cholesterol-lowering treatment best for you, especially if you are on medication. Flora pro-activ may not be nutritionally suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women, or children under five.